Threshold FET 9 Pre-amp (pre-owned)

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Threshold FET 9 Pre-amp (pre-owned)

  • High-quality vintage pre-amp with a good reputation for sound quality. 
  • Highly acclaimed and dominant in the Hi-end
  • Designed by the genius Nelson Pass
  • Phono input


"I would say that it is a fine and elegant device. It has an engaging sound, and mostly not tiring in long listening sessions. It competes without any doubt with a lot of modern preamplifiers with a price of several thousand dollars that I heard.

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Interesting fact - Steve Jobs owned a Threshold


  • Frequency response: DC–100kHz, –0.2dB,
  • RIAA equalization ±0.25dB (20Hz–20kHz).
  • Distortion: line stage, 0.007%; phono stage, moving-magnet, 0.005%, moving-coil, 0.05%.
  • Gain: phono stage, moving-magnet, 37.7dB; moving-coil, 58.5dB; high-level, 20.57dB. Input impedance: line stage, 20k ohms; phono stage selectable, 32.2 ohms, 47.5 ohms, 100 ohms, or 47k ohms in parallel with 50pF, 100pF, 200pF, or 250pF.
  • Noise: phono stage, moving-magnet, –80dBA ref. 5mV input; moving-coil, –66dBA ref. 1mV input; line stage, –112dB ref. maximum output.
  • Output impedance: 100 ohms.
  • Absolute polarity: correct for all inputs.
  • Dimensions: 19" W by 2.2" H by 10.3" D. External power-supply dimensions: 6.4" W by 2.7" H by 8.5" D.
  • Date of manufacture: US$2595 (1991); no longer available (2011)