Space Tech Labs CD Transport (Pre-owned)

Regular price $450.00

Built by Local Vancouver company Space Tech Labs click here for link

Cost approx $2000 new. Comes with a spare CD Rom drive. Not suited for burnt CD's.

-This CD transport uses a computer CD-ROM / CD-RW as the basic drive unit. Using a CD-ROM / CD-RW provides very low jitter due to its internal cache and high speed processing capability. It can also be upgraded or serviced very easily by just removing the CD-ROM/ CD-RW and replacing it with a new one.

-The power supply section uses a very high-grade linear design instead of those switching modes, just to achieve the highest sound quality. 

-The sound quality of this CD transport is very transparent and airy with a very well defined image and sound stage. 

-Remote control with full track forward, reverse, stop, pause , play and track selection function included in all versions.

-Back light LCD display for track monitoring and easy control purpose.