Sota Cosmos Turntable with SME type V Tonearm (pre-owned)

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Vintage hi-end turntable In very good cosmetic condition, sold without warrant or set-up, as is.

Sota Cosmos Turntable with SME type 5 Tone Arm 

A hi-end turntable from the 90's. New value close to $20,000. Sota is a USA based company that still offers service and upgrades. We did some research on the design and here is what we found;

Its sub chassis is a damped, carbon-fiber, honeycomb structure with an aluminum frame and inserts, to which the bearing and the arm board are mounted. 

The bearing assembly has a zirconium-rod thrust plates

In the Cosmos, the motor is mounted directly on the suspended sub chassis, along with the bearing, platter, and arm. This provides an unvarying geometry between the motor and the turntable. The Cosmos relies on its damped sub chassis and multi-layered platter to isolate the arm and record surface from motor vibrations.

A vacuum clamping system is the best way to insure intimate contact between record and platter, not to mention flattening warped discs. The separate vacuum pump applies a gentle vacuum so as to improve record to platter contact.

The casework is made of a plastic/ceramic resin compound—made primarily for use in countertops and very durable—is similar to the material used for the cabinet of the Wilson WATT. The separate vacuum pump/drive electronics enclosure is also encased in this material. 

The tone arm is the SME type V

The Sound

It definitely tends to an explicit presentation. Images are tightly focused and precisely sized. There is a full measure of air, and transparency; the sound is open and unrestricted. it has a clearly defined soundstage combined with a lively sense of reality.


Description: belt-driven, vacuum-platter turntable. Speeds: 33 1/3 & 45rpm, switch-selectable with fine speed adjustment.
Dimensions: 20.25" wide by 7.5" high by 16.5" deep.
Manufacturer: SOTA Industries, P.O. Box 7075, Berkeley, CA 94707 (1983-1990). SOTA Industries, 1318B Marquette Drive, Romeoville, IL 60441 (1992). SOTA Sales and Service, P.O. Box 247, Worth, IL 60482.