Sonos One SL (Black)

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Sonos One SL

Hear greater detail and richer bass than you ever thought possible from a wireless speaker, and enjoy sound that's perfectly adapted for your space with Trueplay tuning. The SL is similar to Sonos One but does not include voice control.


  • Free mobile, tablet, and PC app
  • Humidity resistance
  • Apple AirPlay 2 added
  • Touch controls
  • Dimensions H 6.36 in (162 mm), W 4.69 in (120 mm) D 4.69 in (120 mm)
  • Weight 4.08 lb (1.85 kg)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does One SL work with the Sonos S1 Controller? No. As of May 25, 2021, One SL products will only run on S2. Existing One SL speakers running S1 firmware in an existing S1 system are not affected.
  • Can I stereo pair One and One SL? - Yes.
  • Can I use One and One SL together as rear home theatre surrounds? - Yes.
  • Can I stereo pair One SL and Play:1? - No.
  • Do One and One SL sound/perform the same? - Yes. The sound and acoustic properties of One and One SL are identical.
  • Will accessories for One also work for One SL? - Yes. All accessories that work with One, including mounts, power cables, stands, and shelves, will work with One SL.
  • Should I purchase One SL or One? - One SL is great for stereo pairing or using as home theatre rears with One, Beam, or Arc which include microphones. (There is no benefit to having multiple products with built-in voice control in the context of stereo pairs and home theatre systems.) One SL is also perfect for rooms where you don't want or need a speaker with voice control.

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