Shunyata Venom 1.5M RCA Interconnect Cable (demo)

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Shunyata Venom 1.5M RCA Interconnect Cable

Award winning RCA cable for sale (demo) at 50% off 

Reviewed and recommended by Absolute Sound

"How do the Venoms sound? After living with these speaker cables and interconnects in my reference system most of the time for several months, I found both to be very natural, open, and dimensional. In other words, in much the same way that Shunyata’s designs strive to keep distortion out of the signal path, its cables get out of the way of the music. The Venom speaker cables and interconnects offer a reasonably neutral palette with pleasing delicacy of detail and rich, warm harmonics. To borrow a favorite expression from JV, they are quite gemütlich and sweet, without glare or etching. Some might find them a touch polite dynamically (I don’t), but that’s a matter of personal taste." 

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