Shunyata Venom X Speaker Cable

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The Highest Standards for Speaker Cables

Designer Caelin Gabriel set out to design a new benchmark for value that would perform well beyond the VENOM-X’s affordable price points. Based on exhaustive test results, the VENOM-X range of cables has exceeded every expectation. VENOM-X cable designs are expressly developed to offer performance previously considered unobtainable at two to three times their affordable price points.

The key to the VENOM-X cable's performance is its customization, conductor treatments, and the foundation of science that underscores all Shunyata Research cable designs. Whether it is the PMZ conductors in the digital cables that eliminate added impedance, or the balanced tone and geometry of VTX conductors in the speaker cables, the VENOM-X model cables are poised to become Shunyata’s next range of multi-award-winning products.

The Sound of VENOM-X

What do VENOM-X cable designs sound like? Using live music as a guide, VENOM-X model speaker cables, digital cables, and interconnects convey the immediacy, dynamics, and propulsion we might experience at a live event. VENOM-X cables also perform with a beautifully refined voice that is impossible to find anywhere near their reasonable prices. VENOM-X cables convey an inherent sense of transparency, accurate timing, and low-level detail that simply does not exist even in some of the world’s most expensive cables.


An integrated VENOM-X system of cables delivers performance that rivals any other SOTA cable system — often at less than one-quarter of the cost. VENOM-X cables are specifically designed to deliver jaw-dropping performance in systems of all types, whether solid-state, digital, tube, or analog. Even right out of the box, one listen to the VENOM-X interconnects, speaker cables and digital cables will convince even the most hardened skeptics of their inherent design pedigree and performance.


“The presentation was still extremely clear, with a fast and transparent sound, and deep, yet highly articulate bass… Listening more carefully after the Shunyata speaker cables had been in my system for a few days, and then over many weeks, I was impressed at how they brought out all of the complex details in recordings without coloring the sound in any way. “

– Roger Kanno, Soundstage, November 1, 2022

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