Shunyata - Venom NR-V10 Power Cable

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Caelin Gabriel's early years working for a division of the NSA, and as an audiophile, lead to the creation of Shunyata Research. His fascination with what well designed power supplies bring to hi-end audio - and by implication - what they are connected to; power cables 

The Venom NR series of power cables provide objective, dramatic performance benefits that simply do not exist outside of Shunyata’s own product range — regardless of price!

Application: The Venom V10 NR is an ideal power cable for power amplifiers and source components alike.  

Power Distributors: The Venom V10 XC is the ideal cable for Shunyata Research power conditioners such as the Venom PS8

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Shunyata VNM NR-V10 wins The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award

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