Shunyata PS8 120V Power Distributor

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The Shunyata PS8 is a reference quality power distributor.  It is not a power conditioner. (optional conditioning by adding Defender) The Venom HC 19 cable is required


The VENOM PS8’s generous eight outlets provide the perfect solution for complex home entertainment and media systems. The exceptional current capacity and power rating ensures unfettered performance even when high-current amplifiers are used. The narrow profile (less than 4 inches) of the PS8 allows it to be placed behind a cabinet without pulling the cabinet out from the wall. All of the power cords plug-in from the top of the unit for easy access.



Many audiophile purists appreciate a straightforward, high-quality approach to power distribution but don’t want complex filtration and surge circuits. Pure high-current performance provided by exceptional parts like cryogenic power conductors and an expensive hydraulic electromagnetic breaker are appreciated. The VENOM PS8 is the product you have been seeking!



‌DTCD® Analysis is a technique that measures instantaneous current through low impedance electrical conductors and contacts.  We use it to optimize the design, specification and construction of parts and materials to ensure maximum current delivery performance in our power distributors and power cables.


From the outside, all A.C. outlets look similar other than the color, but once you look inside there are dramatic differences that are easy to define. Let’s look inside to see if there are any differences.The common sample on the right is typical of what is used in new home construction and also of what is used in high-end power conditioners. The outlet on the left is what we use in the VENOM PS8.

There are several important differences that you can see right away. First is that the common outlet is smaller. The internal current carrying contacts of the PS8 are much larger. Notice the enlarged view that shows where the A.C. plug’s contact makes electrical contact. The common outlet makes contact on a thin knifes edge. This can arc and develop carbon deposits over time, decreasing electrical integrity. Now look at the PS8 outlet. It has a triple-wipe contact system that has broad contact areas that grab the plug from three different sides.


The A.C. inlet is another part that is critical to the overall power distributor performance. Think about it — all the electrical current for the distributor must pass through this part. The contacts are very important to performance and DTCD. Let’s take a look at the difference between the ubiquitous IEC C15 inlet that is used in most electronic components and in 90% of all power conditioners.

First notice the size of the contacts, quite small on the C15. The C19 is much larger because it was specifically designed for industrial use and to carry a rating of 20-Amps continuous. The C15 connects to the A.C. wires using push-on terminals. These are crimped to the wires and slide on the contact. By comparison the C19 allows the wires to be inserted directly into the inlet. The opening of the C19 contact also allows the use of much larger gauge wiring. The contacts on the C19 are made from high quality brass while those on the C15 are nickel or zinc plated steel.


The internal wiring is absolutely critical to the performance of a power distributor. The wiring will determine the overall current carrying capacity of the unit and it will dramatically affect the perceived audio performance.

We think that this picture speaks for itself!


The electrical grounding in a high-end audio system is very important. Grounds can determine if the audio system is silent or plagued with noise and hum.

You can see that the common outlet ground is made from zinc-plated steel while the PS8 outlet is made with a massive solid brass back-strap. The ground to your audio component must pass through this grounding strap. Which would you choose?


Common power conditioners use fuses or thermal breakers for over current protection. When under heavy load, these devices cause voltage drops, increased contact impedance, thermal noise, excessive heat generation and current limiting effects.  Shunyata Research power distributors use a far more advanced solution called hydraulic electromagnetic breakers. They operate right up the to their maximum current rating without the limitations of fuses or thermal breakers.


Shunyata Research uses only the highest purity of copper available for the production of its wire products.  OFE Alloy 101 or C10100 is the highest grade of copper with a minimum 99.99% purity and a conductivity rating of 101% IACS.


Mechanical vibration can be very destructive to system performance. The PS8 was designed from its inception to include advanced forms of vibration control that improve the recovery of subtle musical detail and nuance. All chassis panels and internal structure are treated with vibration dampening panels. Each outlet is isolated from the chassis with a vibration dampening gasket that reduces vibration conducted through the AC cables. All internal modules, filters and electronics are encapsulated in a vibration absorbent compound.


Many of the electrical parts in the PS8 are treated in Shunyata Research’s own advanced computer controlled cryogenics lab.