Shunyata Delta XLR Interconnect 1M

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Shunyata Research Delta interconnects: Shunyata Research has four series of audio wire, ranging from the top-of-the-line Sigmas to the entry-level Venoms. I don’t usually endorse super-expensive wire, which is why I’ve been eying what looks to be a super-high-value line of Shunyata models, the Deltas, which slot in below the Sigmas and Alphas and just above the Venoms. What I like about the Deltas is that they include a wide cross section of Shunyata features -- e.g., Ohno continuous-cast copper and VTX conductors -- at not-crazy prices: the Delta speaker cables costs $2699/2m pair, the Delta interconnects $1349/1m pair. I know from past experience that Shunyata products are built like champs, and that the company bases their designs on and develops them using solid engineering and careful measurements and listening tests.

The combined effects of the features found in Delta Series cables delivers a significant improvement in resolution, clarity and coherency.  Delta Series cables may represent the sweet-spot in the Shunyata Research line-up with an exceptional price-to-performance ratio.