Sennheiser HD461i Closed Headphone

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Just throw it in your backpack.

Here's the deal: you like music, music likes to be played moderately loud, and your partner hates your Rock. Your neighbor goes to bed early, and you want to enjoy late-night tripping to cool Jazz. Furthermore, you want music to sound magical. If that is you, we've got your attention.


If you’re looking for a bass-focused, relatively inexpensive headphone, these are a totally fine choice. They’re not bassy enough to satisfy hardcore bassheads, but they should be just fine for people used to the current “Consumer headphone” sound.


The earpads are plush and comfortable. The clamping force is just enough to make them feel secure, and their low weight is a bonus.


Detachable, single-side cable with in-line 3-button remote provides improved freedom of movement and user convenience. In line 3-button remote provides music and call control for Apple (iOS) devices.

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