Sennheiser AMBEO SUB

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Sennheiser AMBEO SUB

  • State-of-the-Art AMBEO virtualization technology, co-developed with the Fraunhofer IIS Institute, delivers extremely deep bass. 
  • Immersive sound with 8” high-end proprietary woofer and 350W Class-D amplifier.
  • Closed enclosure ensures audiophile-grade, deepest bass down to 27Hz.
  • Wireless operation with Ambeo Soundbar 


  • Amplifier 1x class D amplifier
  • Total audio power 350W (RMS)
  • Woofers 1x Long throw 8" Cellulose Cone Driver
  • Frequency response 27Hz – 80Hz
  • Audio input 1x Mono RCA, max. 2 V
  • Dimensions (with feet) Approx. 27,4 x 36,9 x 27,4 cm
  • Dimensions (without feet) Approx. 27,4 x 35,7 x 27,4 cm
  • Weight 8.2 kg
  • Wireless operation with Ambeo Plus Soundbar. 
  • Bluetooth version 5.2 Bluetooth Low Energy

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