Q Acoustics Concept 90 Center Speaker

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Q Acoustics Concept 90

Dissappearing trick. Q Acoustics has made the box dissappear by focusing on designing the quietest cabinet possible — one that is unaffected by internal and external vibrations. One of these innovations is the Gelcore cabinet construction which reduces higher-frequency cabinet noise. It consists of a non-setting gel sandwiched between two layers that works to dissipate high-frequency vibrations.

Listen. Voices will appear to float in the room, free of the hollow boxiness assosiated by cabinets. Trailing edges of sounds will be subtle and detailed - the decay of piano notes surrounded by a glow leading into black silence.

Be amazed. Wave launch is incredibly fast. The pluck of a guitar, the tap on a cymbal is aided by the driver assembly that is mounted to the front aluminium baffle by pretensioned studs to provide an acoustic seal, with a ground-up mid/bass and tweeter design for more power handling. The high-frequency driver is completely hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated (i.e. floating) from the front baffle, which should help prevent interference from the mid/bass driver. Lastly, the crossover design is mounted on an isolation base to minimise vibration interference. The result - incredible composure, an ability to keep instruments separate even on complex passages.


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