Q Acoustics Concept 300 (pair)

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Q Acoustics Concept 300

The best British speaker we have ever heard. That says a lot, as brands like Harbeth, Spendor, B&W and others have been stallwarts for many years. What makes the Q Acoustics Concept 500 special? To begin with, it has the same beguiling musicality we expect from the top British designs - but one big difference; less coloration - which is the box signing along with the music, and the always present reminder that there are two hollow boxes in front of you, not the real orchestra.  

Q Acoustics made the box dissappear

How is this done? Effectively three cabinets in one. Dual Gelcore cabinet construction where the inner and outer cabinets are isolated. The result is a floorstander that sounds like four beautifully integrated drivers suspended in free space.

"Well-recorded material sounds startlingly immediate, generating a solid, three-dimensional soundstage populated with instruments that are remarkably tangible"

Dual Gelcore

Having dealt with lower-frequency vibrations using Point to Point bracing, Q Acoustics then negates higher-frequency cabinet vibrations using its bespoke Dual Gelcore technology.

The Concept 300 cabinet is comprised of three individual layers, each separated by a non-setting gel - the gel acts rather like a high-tech and extremely effective gasket. Any stray high-frequency vibrations are converted into heat which dissipates within the gel.

Tensegrity Stand & Isolation Base System Included

With a stand mounting speaker design like this, of course, the speaker’s relationship with its stand is of fundamental importance. It’s the design of the new Tensegrity stand and the new isolation base suspension system that joins Concept 300 to it, that allows Q Acoustics to redefine the level of performance that’s possible from a smaller loudspeaker.

Tensegrity is a tripod - by definition, an extremely stable structure. It’s built from lightweight aluminum tubes (which are the load-bearing element) and thin stainless steel cables (which maintain the position of the load-bearing tubes). The result is a light, exceptionally rigid, and self-supporting structure with a remarkably low surface area and - let’s not pretend otherwise - beautifully elegant appearance. It’s not so much a speaker stand, it’s more an entirely new loudspeaker support concept.



On the outside, numerous lacquer coats produce a high-quality gloss finish which is combined with real-wood veneer. This results in a cabinet that manages to be clean and understated at the same time as being of obviously high perceived value.


A combination of rigorous engineering, uncompromised industrial design, and aspirational aesthetics makes Concept 300 the most fully realized loudspeaker Q Acoustics has yet delivered. In combination with the equally meticulous Tensegrity stand, Concept 300 represents a step-change in loudspeaker design and a redefinition of what is possible at its price.

"these speakers stepped out of the way of the music in a manner I have only experienced from more expensive models, such as Wilson's Alexia 2Magico's S5 Mk.II, and KEF's Blade Two, to name three speakers that I have reviewed in the past few years"

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Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component

The most acclaimed British Speaker Brand right now


  • Amplified Power          25-200w
  • Crossover Frequency   2.5 kHz
  • Dimensions                  355 x 200 x 400 mm (14 x 7.9 x 15.7 in) 
  • Dimensions Stand        690 x 492 x 430 mm (27.2 x 19.4 x 16.9 in) 
  • Effective Volume          11.4 L
  • Enclosure Type             2 way reflex
  • Frequency Response    55Hz - 30kHz
  • High-Frequency Unit    1.1"
  • Impedance                    6 Ohms
  • Mid-Bass / Driver          6.5”
  • Minimum Impedance    4.7ohms
  • Nominal Impedance      6ohms
  • Sensitivity                      84dB
  • Weight                          14.5kg (32 lbs)

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