Polk RT12 Speakers (Vintage) pair

Regular price $200.00

They are in very good condition - there are a few spots at the back near the base where there is slight delamination of the veneer. They are a nice sounding speaker and I can demo them for you. They are 90 dB efficient with a frequency response of 28Hz to 25 kHz. Weigh 45 lbs. Recommended power is 20-250W. They can be bi-wired.


"These cost $399 USD each when new. Very impressed with the musicality of this speaker for the price. Polk make a good speaker and these are no exception. I have had several Polk Audio speakers and I prefer the sound of these for music.
Would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone.
Awesome product!" more reviews


Dimensions - 37H x 12.5D x 7.75W