Mytek Liberty DAC II

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Liberty DAC II provides robust performance in a compact 1/3 rack package featuring several digital inputs, digital volume control and unbalanced as well as balanced audio outputs, and a high-performance headphone amplifier


"I was expecting the Liberty II to be a Liberty 1 done better. Just as the Brooklyn was against the original Liberty. The same sonic signature, just operating on a higher plane. It is. What I wasn’t prepared for was just how much better the Liberty II is than its predecessor. And that’s with the SBooster power supply in play. I thought that duo might give the Liberty II a run for its money. It doesn’t"

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"I’ve had the pleasure of spending real time with a number of Mytek products over the years including the Stereo192 DSD DAC, the original Brooklyn DAC and Brooklyn Amp, and the Manhattan DAC so I think I have a fairly good grip on the historic Mytek sound. And the Liberty certainly fits in that family, offering a very clean, precise, and well-nuanced sound that doesn’t leave one wanting in terms of apparent resolution. What I found to be pleasantly surprising in the Liberty’s sonic arsenal was a lovely hint of plumpness, with tone colors and textures feeling very nicely fleshed out, adding up to a very engaging way with any music you send through it. To put in another way, the Liberty DAC II does not even have a hint of thin about it"

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"Small but potent. Multi-talented. Smartly styled. Built well and backed by 30 years of design experience in the field. The rebooted entry-level DAC from Mytek v2. I don't see what's not to love"

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  • CONVERSION: - Up to 384k, 32bit PCM, native DSD up to DSD256, DXD, ES9038 chipset, 127dB DR
  • MQA HI-RES DECODER - Built-in certified hardware MQA decoder
  • DIGITAL INPUTS: USB2 Class2 (OSX, Linux driverless, all audio formats), AES/EBU (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP), 2x S/PDIF (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP), Toslink/ADAT 2x S/PDIF (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP)
  • ANALOG OUTPUTS: 1 pair of unbalanced RCA, 1 pair of balanced XLR
  • HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER: Reference High Current, High transient Headphone Amp, 300mA, 3 Watts, designed for hard-to-drive headphones, 0.1 Ohm impedance
  • CLOCK GENERATOR: Low noise with 10ps of jitter
  • FIRMWARE: Upgradable via USB
  • POWER SUPPLY Built-in oversized 60W linear toroid with automatic voltage switching
  • DIMENSIONS: WxDxH=5.5x8.8x1.74”=140x225x44mm
  • WEIGHT: 4lbs, 2kg
  • WARRANTY: 2 years

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