MOON 860A V2 Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier

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Moon 860A V2 

225W per channel Dual-Mono Reference Two-Channel Power Amplifier

The MOON 860A v2 Power Amplifier is a balanced differential dual-mono Power Amplifier that provides both exceptional transparency and a remarkable musical soundstage. A true evolution of earlier designs, and incorporates trickle-down technologies from the massive 888 Power Amplifier. 

  • Monaural operation via a rear-panel switch.
  • DC-coupled design with DC-servo control for greatest transparency.
  • Switchable AC-coupling for the best match with a variety of preamplifiers.
  • Output stable into any load impedance.
  • Class A power output up to 5 watts.
  • Very high damping factor for superior musical dynamics, speaker control, and refined harmonic accuracy and timber


    "With the 860A v2, they've made an amp that's notably better than my own Bryston, which is already really, really good. The 860A v2 is a true statement product"

    "Creamy and smooth. The Simaudio amp projected a sense of almost infinite authority. It’s in charge, and its sense of tightly coiled power allows it to present a musical event with ease, a refinement, that consistently made my shoulders drop and my chest relax with a sigh of release as stress fled my body"

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    "Rarely have I transitioned so quickly from "Play" to meditative silence. As my body relaxed, an alternative universe unfolded before and around me, and I was transported into the heart of Mahler through the lens of Roth's intentions. Every instrument seemed to sing in summer's light. Every line, note, and transition conveyed beauty and wonder. I felt like a child discovering for the first time the miracle of dew on blades of grass glowing under the morning sun, or butterflies whirling in the sky above. I could scarcely believe all this beauty was mine to enjoy and cherish. To say I was high on sound would be an understatement"

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    • Output Power at 8Ω - 225 W per channel
    • Output Power at 4Ω - 450 W per channel
    • Output Power - Monaural mode at 8Ω - 750 W
    • Input Sensitivity - 1.2V
    • Input Impedance - 47,500Ω
    • Gain - 31dB
    • Signal-to-noise Ratio - 110dB @ full power
    • Frequency response (full range) - 10Hz - 100kHz +0/-3.0dB
    • Crosstalk @ 1kHz    -110dB
    • THD (20Hz - 20kHz @ 1 W) - 0.005%  
    • THD (20Hz - 20kHz @ 200 W) - 0.03%
    • Intermodulation distortion - 0.006%
    • Power Supply Capacitance - 240 000 uF
    • Shipping weight - 90 lb / 40 kg
    • Dimensions (width x height x depth) 18.75 x 7.5 x 17.5 in    47.6 x 19.2 x 44.5 cm
    • Warranty 10 years with registration

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