Lyngdorf TDAI3400 Integrated Amp and SDA2400 Poweramp (pre-owned)

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Lyngdorf TDAI3400 Integrated Amp and SDA2400 Poweramp

Built-in Streaming

The TDAI-3400 accepts all media interfaces and features a built-in media player with the highest playback quality. Through your local network or via the USB connectors, you can access your entire library of music through the DLNA/UPnP enabled player. This media player also allows music streaming using Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, and Airplay 2 as well as internet radio. The TDAI-3400 also supports TIDAL Connect which allows lossless audio quality with the TIDAL app as the controller, and it includes the MQA Core Decoder, which unfolds the MQA file once to deliver better than CD-quality. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording.

Room Correction

With our proprietary RoomPerfect™ room-correction software to eliminate the negative influence of the listening room, the TDAI-3400 delivers a perfect sound without the need for extensive room treatment. Through the web interface you can perform all setup and operations from the menu system, which allows you to tailor your setup and sound, and the digital crossover allows 3 individual output settings. 


By connecting the Integrated amplifier to your speaker's high frequency inputs and the poweramp to the low frequency inputs you will hear the benefit of easing the workload of the amplifier by keeping the energy draining bass away from the delicate mid and high frequencies.



"By now, you will probably have realized that I was absolutely blown away by the TDAI 3400. It is an absolute stand-out product in every way. If it has vices I failed to find them in the weeks in which it sat on my rack. It will deliver 200 watts per channel into an 8 Ohm speaker load and 400w into a 4 Ohm load. To experiment I tried different interconnects and speaker cables during the review period. The TDAI-3400 let me hear the differences every time. RoomPerfect will divide opinions of course, but it is a very sophisticated tool and I never got any sense that the sound I heard was somehow ‘digitally modified'. In fact, I know that what I was hearing was the true voice of my loudspeakers – luckily I love that sound. When I set up ‘guest’ loudspeakers with RoomPerfect I am totally confident that it helped me to hear them without my room coloring the sound and possibly my judgment. It will do the same for whatever loudspeakers you have decided are right for you"

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TDAI3400 Integrated Amplifier

Retail Price $9500

  • Description: 2-channel integrated amplifier and audio processor
  • Power handling: 2×400 W RMS @ 4Ohm / 2x200W RMS @ 8Ohm
  • Max output current: 40A
  • Audio specifications: Frequency Response: ±0,5dB from 20 to 20,000 Hz, Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.05% max from 20 to 20,000 Hz, THD-N 1w/8ohm 0,04% / THD-N 1w/4ohm 0,04%
  • Digital inputs (asynchronous): 1 x AES-EBU (≤192kHz/24bit), 2 x Coaxial (≤192kHz/24bit), 3 x Optical (≤96 kHz/24bit), 1 x USB B (≤384kHz/32bit, ≤DSD128, DXD)
  • Analog inputs: 2 x Analog Single Ended RCA (Max level: 4.0V = 0dBFS), 1 x Microphone input for RoomPerfect™ calibration
  • HDMI module (optional): 1 x HDMI Output / 3 x HDMI Inputs (PCM ≤192kHz/24bit), eARC/ARC (PCM ≤192 kHz/24bit), CEC integration, HDMI 2.0b support, HDCP 2.2, Resolutions requiring 600 MHz clock supported
  • High-end analog input module (optional): 1 x RIAA Phono MM, 2 x single ended RCA, 1 x balanced XLR
  • Digital outputs: 1 x coaxial digital (96kHz / 24 bit)
  • Analog outputs: 1 x analog single ended RCA, 1 x analog balanced XLR, 1 x headphone output 3.5mm Jack
  • EQ: RoomPerfect™, Pre-Equalizer, ICC, 32 x adjustable voicings holding ≤8 filters with adjustable gain and Q
  • Mediaplayer: Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, DLNA Support (uPnP), Airplay 2, Local file playback (USB), Internet Radio (vTuner), MQA Core Decoder (output is 88.2kHz or 96kHz)
  • Wireless connections: Bluetooth (for Remote Control and BLE), Wi-Fi (802.11 n/ac)
  • Interfaces: Web-interface, IP Control, 1 x DB9 connector for RS232 control, 1 x RJ45 Ethernet LAN connector, 2 x USB connectors (Type A) , SD card slot (Backup of filters and settings)
  • Accessories included: RoomPerfect™ Microphone, Microphone stand, cable & mini-jack connector, Remote control (IR / BLE)
  • Dimensions (Wx H x D): 45 x 10.5 x 36 cm (including connectors) / 17.7 x 4.1 x 14.1 inches
  • Weight: 8.2 kg / 18.1 lb
  • Finish: Matte black

Lyngdorf SDA2400 Power Amplifier

Retail price $3680

  • Power Rating: 2 x 400 W @ 4Ohm, 2 x 200 W @ 8Ohm
  • Inputs: 1 x Analog Single Ended RCA, 1 x Analog Balanced XLR, 1 x Coaxial Digital (≤192kHz / 24 bit), 1 x Optical Digital (≤96kHz / 24 bit), * All inputs has signal detection
  • Power Modes: Input detection, Always on
  • Trigger (12V): 1 x Input, 1 x Output for daisy chain
  • Heat dissipation value: 210
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 45 x 7.3 x 36 cm*, 17.7 x 2.9 x 14.2 in*, *including 1.3cm / 0.5in feet
  • Finish: Anodized aluminum, matte black
  • Weight: 6.5 kg / 14.3 lb

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