Luxman L-505uX-II Integrated Amplifier

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Luxman L-505uXII

We say - Controlled bass and highs. Deep taut bass. Always transparent, musical, and smooth. Never, Never edgy or harsh. The phono amp is also a heavyweight.....Fantastic. So if you want an integrated that is versatile and absolutely true to the music.

To achieve such high levels of sound quality takes first of all a build quality that is the envy of the industry. Also experience - Luxman has worked with audiophiles and has always progressed - not rely on their past acclaim but by moving forward. In recent years Luxman has shone brightly and won awards wherever it went.

Here are some proprietary technologies used by Luxman;

Highly accurate Volume Control

Volume controls design impacts sound quality. As the volume is changed, the power amplifiers section "sees" a changing impedance and sound quality is affected. Volume controls also degrade over time. In the L-505 you will find a state-of-the-art solution.

LECUA (Luxman Electronically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator) is at the heart of the pre-amplifier section and the sound volume adjustment function of the L-505uXII.  LECUA allows smooth and fine volume adjustment over 88 steps, thereby minimizing any deterioration of the audio signal. The multifunctional ability of LECUA ensures accuracy over the full range of the volume control, whilst suppressing any deterioration of sound quality. 

Innovative amplification feedback circuit

In order to avoid distortion, amplifiers commonly use global negative feedback - a technique that reduces distortion but has negative side effects. Luxman overcomes this shortcoming as follows:

An integral part of the design of the L-505uXII is LUXMAN's original ODNF amplification feedback circuit featuring a high-speed primary slew rate, an ultra-wide bandwidth - achieved by feeding back only the distorted components of the audio from the amplifier's output circuit. Now, the gentlest audio signals are preserved and achieve a full range of dynamic musical expression.

Discrete buffer circuit

The L-505uXII features a new discrete buffer circuit in the output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit that is equivalent to the type used in our high-end C-900u separate amplifier. The pre-amp output stage is able to drive the signal with enhanced current supply capacity. The clarity of the audio signal is protected, whilst at the same time, the driving force-fed through to the power amplifier stage is significantly increased. The power and reproduction capability of the L-505uXII achieves overwhelming scale sensitivity and a sharpness on start-up that cannot be achieved by conventional pre-amplifiers.

High stability power supply

The power supply of the L-505uXII consists of an EI core type power transformer, regarded as above the popular Toroid type - highly regulated, with four large capacity 10,000μF blocking capacitors creating a highly stable power supply. This ensures an instantaneous, constant, and stable current supply.

Original technologies prioritize sound quality

To realize a smooth, stress-free signal transmission LUXMAN uses an original Beeline construction that features a non-angled wiring pattern to allow smooth signal transmission along the shortest optimal route. This is one of many examples of a LUXMAN original design that makes sound quality a priority.

A wide variety of custom-made components for high sound quality components for high sound quality

OFC cabling is used in the internal wiring of the L-505uXII, achieving natural signal transmission due to the spirally wrapped shielding on each non-plated wire core. A high-quality input selector IC is employed to improve separation and eliminate crosstalk. This model is generously equipped with many custom-made parts designed to achieve high sound quality such as in-line layout speaker terminals for easier speaker cable connection.

An abundance of user-friendly functions

The L-505uXII is equipped with a high-quality phono preamplifier that is compatible with MM and MC cartridges supporting full analog reproduction. This model offers all the functions that a high-quality pre-main amplifier should offer such as bass/treble tone control, L/R balance adjustment using LECUA, pre/power separation function, volume function, and headphone output to name a few.


We say: British review publications have dominated for the last few decades. We have been told to look no further than certain cottage industry products like Rega, Hegel, or Musical Fidelity. But now we are seeing a wave of Japanese craftsman products emerge that in our opinion offer superb quality. Watch this informative video;


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