Line Magnetic LM-34IA Integrated Amplifier

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LM-34IA Integrated Amplifier - PUSH-PULL EL34 - CLASS AB - 2X40W

Line Magnetic has produced an ideal amplifier for Audiophiles wanting to get into "tube magic". How did they do this?

1) Start by designing around a Pentode vacuum tube such as the EL34. 

2) Employ point-to-point wiring.

3) Use the best transformers. Line Magnetic uses Japanese made, specially designed EI transformers for power supply and two EI output transformers with wide bandwidth 

4) Use the best components - Line Magnetic uses an ALPS volume control and Realcap capacitors 

5) Give users the option of tube rolling. A two-position tube selector switch on the unit's top plate lets you select your tube of choice: KT88, KT66, KT70, KT90, KT100, or 6550s. 

User bias control has been used for bias adjustment and one meter has been added to the top plate to allow you to monitor bias with ease with a true ampere meter.


"This is my power tube of choice" Hifi News

The EL34 was widely used in higher-powered audio amplifiers of the 1960s and 1970s, such as the popular Dynaco Stereo 70 and the Leak TL25 (mono) and Stereo 60.  The EL34 is found in many British guitar amps and is associated with the "British tone" (VoxMarshall) - quoted from Wiki 

"The amplifier revealed a few pleasing tricks up its sleeve, including that delicious upper mid-band and treble insight that EL34s often do so well. This is my power tube of choice and the LM-34IA reminded me instantly why I'm a fan. Vocals of all types were reproduced beautifully and had an accomplished sense of clarity and space around them" read the review in HiFi News



  • Class AB amplifier - 2x40W RMS
  • THD: 1% (1kHz)
  • Signal/Noise ratio: 88dB (Weighted A)
  • Frequency response (-1.5dB): 10 - 50.000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 200 mV (Mode intégré)
  • Input Impedance: 100kΩ
    Input stage: 1x 12AX7 - 2x 12AU7
    Power stage: 4x EL34   
  • Load impedance for HP to connect: 4/8Ω
  • Inputs
  • 3x Line inputs RCA (pair)
  • 1x Pre-in input
  • 2x Screw speaker terminals compatible with banana plugs
  • Included; Metal and removable tube guard cage
  • Infrared Remote control
  • Finish: Black 
  • Warranty Two years parts & labor / 90 days on tubes. The warranty covers the cost of repair and return shipping.