Linn AV5140 Floorstanding Speakers

Regular price $899.98

Linn AV5140 Floorstanding Speakers in perfect working order. Mid-range surrounds were replaced.

Originally sold new in the year 1999-2000, these currently sell used in the range $1100-$1500 

Treble Driver

The treble unit has a 19mm ceramic dome tweeter mounted on a diecast faceplate, with a ferrofluid-cooled voice coil on a Kapton former which transmits heat to the magnet. The aluminium faceplate allows higher power handling. The rear of the tweeter is sealed in its own enclosure to prevent the bass pressure from influencing the treble performance.

Midrange Driver

The midrange driver uses a rigid polypropylene cone and an aluminium voice coil former. Magnet assembly increases efficiency allowing maximum amplifier control. There is a long-throw voice coil for lower distortion.

Bass Driver

Magnesium alloy diecast chassis providing maximum rigidity. Large high-efficiency magnet assembly providing high sensitivity and bass damping. Aluminium voice coil former for excellent heat dispersion. Four-layer voice coil for improved magnetic coupling. Long-throw cone suspension for high sound pressure levels.


The crossovers use high specification audio grade capacitors with polypropylene caps for treble, polyester caps for mid-range. High current iron-dust inductors are used to prevent saturation and distortion.

Other features: heavy copper tracks for low resistance and signal integrity; high strength glass fibre circuit boards. Input sockets are soldered directly to the board to reduced contact resistance. Second-order electrical response for treble, mid-range and bass. All drive units individually soldered to crossover cables.


Technical Specifications

  • Volume 42 Litres
  • Frequency Response 30 Hz to 20 Khz
  • Height 980mm Width (front) 170mm Width (rear) 235mm Depth 320mm
  • Input Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Efficiency 90dB for 1W at 1m (1Khz)
  • Minimum Amplifier Power 60W / 4Ohms
  • Weight 21.5 Kilos