KEF X300W Powered Speakers (pre-owned) (pair)

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KEF X300A Wireless Powered 2-Way Hi-Fi Speakers 

Allows wireless streaming with Airplay (Apple) or DNLA (Android)

Allows USB connection to PC for hi-rez playback, or Aux line in



"There are desktop speakers, and there are loudspeakers that will also fit on the desk. In the case of the KEF X300 Wireless, we have a pair of active powered loudspeakers with genuine hi-fi and pro-studio pedigree that deserve finding space on your desk for their admittedly larger footprint. As a self-contained speaker system, the KEF X300 stands clearly above any style-first speaker routinely made to complement a PC or laptop. They have an easy yet solid sound with real weight to music, and stay acoustically true to the recording. It's a majestic achievement" 

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"the X300A is our new Editors' Choice for desktop PC speakers"

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  • Woofer diameter 5.25 "
  • Tweeter diameter 1 "
  • 2 x Class AB Amplifiers per speaker 
  • Driver cone material Aluminium
  • Amplifier output power 2 x 50 W per speaker
  • Amplifier class A/B
  • Dimensions D x H x W  7 1/4"180 mm x 9 1/2" 243 mmx 11" 280 mm
  • Speaker weight 15 lbs 
  • AirPlay Yes
  • Wireless technology Wi-Fi Yes
  • AUX in Yes
  • Frequency range 49 - 45000 Hz
  • Power AC