IsoAcoustics Aperta Desktop Speaker Stands

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Time-tested Performance Meets Studio-grade Elegance

IsoAcoustics' Aperta 200 isolation stands take the midsize ISO-L8R200 design that's such a hit here at Sweetwater to a whole new level of class. These sculpted-aluminum stands suspend your monitor speakers in such a way as to essentially remove your desk and other monitor hardware from the sound of your speakers, delivering a more transparent sound than you'll get from conventional stands. Threaded caps let you dial in your optimal tilt angle.

 Aperta        width 6.1",   depth 7.5" , max height 3" , max weight 35 lbs

Aperta 200  width 7.8",   depth 10" ,  max height 3" , max weight  75 lbs

Aperta 300  width 11.8", depth 7.9 " , max height 3" , max weight 60 lbs


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