Iso Acoustics Gaia Speaker Isolation Feet (4pack)

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 Series: provides improved sound clarity and openness for floor standing speakers

The GAIA isolators are machined units that incorporate IsoAcoustics’ patented design to provide a high degree of speaker isolation, while resisting lateral movement and oscillations, to maintain alignment with the listening position. Internal reflections from the hard supporting surface are attenuated resulting in greater sound clarity and openness. 

“Install IsoAcoustics GAIAs, replacing whatever footers your speakers came with. In every instance I'm familiar with, the GAIAs produced a marked improvement in overall clarity…”
- Robert Deutsch, Stereophile's Editors' Choices of 2018

How to install Gaia

Thread sizes included
M6-1.0, M8-1.25 and ¼”-20

*Alternative thread sizes available on request from IsoAcoustics Distributors

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