iFi Zen Phono

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iFi Zen Phono

LPs + ZEN = Magical combo.

You’ve spent years building your dream LP collection. We know because we have done the same!

The ZEN Phono is a wonderful enhancement to your vinyl setup. It will max out every MM/MC cartridge.

Choc full of AMR/iFi trickle-down vinyl technology, it will have you poring over your LPs into the wee, small hours.

Spec’d to make you smile

Unlike any other entry-level phono stage. The ZEN Phono has:

  • MM/MC from 36dB >72dB gain. Super-silent noise floor -151dBV
  • Precise RIAA with Balanced output, performance comparable to +$1k phono stages 
  • AI sub-sonic filter. Addresses warp without eliminating bass or causing phase issues

"A Major Overachiever"

Read the review by Analog Planet


Gain settings: MC low 72dB, MC 60dB, MC 48dB hi, MM 36dB

AI Sub-sonic filter Remedies only the 'warp' in LPs No negative impact to bass response

Max Output Voltage (RMS) - 20v RMS bal output into 100k (< 1% THD & N)
13.5V RMS bal output into 600R (< 1% THD & N)

Output Impedance: BAL 200 Ohm resistive, SE 100 Ohm resistive

Input impedance:

MM: 47K Ohms (Load: 110pF)
MC High: 47K Ohms
MC Low: 1K Ohms
MC V Low: 110 Ohms

Signal/Noise Ratio:

94dB(A) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
80dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
84dB(A) MC Hi re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
71dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
90dB(A) MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
79dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
79dB(A) MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
69dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL

EIN (equivalent input noise):

0.6nV|/Hz (unweighted) MC lo/vlo
6.5nV|/Hz (unweighted) MM/MC hi

-151dBV (A weighted)
-141dBV (unweighted)
-130dBV (A weighted)
-119dBV (unweighted)

Harmonic Distortion:

< -110dB / 0.0003% MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
< -80dB / 0.01% MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
< -86dB / 0.005% MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL

Dimensions:160(l) x 113(w) x 35(h) mm 6.3" x 4.4" x 1.4"

Power Supply: DC 5V / 500mA

Net weight:515g (1.14 Ibs)

Warranty:12 months

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