Audiofi ST10 The Aura Stereo System

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Luxman L509x and Magico A3 Speakers

It was 1979 and on stage was a small band called Sultans of Swing. Mark Knopfler was in the audience and was inspired to write a song about that night. 

In our listening room in Vancouver we queue up the 1983 recording on Alchemy Live. Mark Knopfler gives the performance of a lifetime and we get chills at minute 4:52 and minute 7 during his iconic solos - you’ll see what we mean when you hear the crowd’s chilling clapping on beat with a piano solo that will stop your heart. 

The L-509X is an amplifier that creeps up on the listener when the music starts. It has an understated presentation it takes a while to appreciate. Those looking for sonic fireworks will find them here only if they’re in the recording. This amplifier doesn’t spice things up for entertainment’s sake.


But this is an impressively detailed and insightful performer, one that’s capable of class-leading clarity. It recovers subtleties, even in the densest of recordings, and keeps them audible as arrangements become more demanding. 

"Dynamic swings are delivered with enthusiasm, the amplifier’s generous power output obvious in the punch, and solidity of the presentation. There’s no shortage of drama in the sound, yet we become aware of the L-509X’s impressive composure and the sense of control it imparts"


Link to Luxman L509x

Link to Magico A3

Next, time to choose the speakers.

Press play on “News,” from Dire Straits’ Communiqué (16/44.1 FLAC, Warner Bros./Tidal) and Pick Withers’s closing drum passage begins at 3:42, and at that point the soundstage spreads out superwide, the sounds of the drums, mixed from very far left to very far right and everywhere in between, almost pummeling in intensity. With the A3s the bass goes deeper than expected, and that made for a significantly better listening experience.

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It's a challenge to find speakers – usually of higher cost – that better these Magico A-3's in some respect, whether it’s outright resolution, openness, stereo imaging, or rhythmic precision, or simply as a satisfying an all-rounder.

And that’s exactly why you can trust every component in this high-end hi-fi system to work together and live with you for decades.

This system is on demo.

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