Harmonic Technology Precision Link 2M RCA Cable (pre-owned)

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Harmonic Technologies pioneered the use of continuous cast, single crystal conductors in their high-end audio cable designs, where metal is ultra-purified to eliminate any potential crystalline barrier distortion. Harmonic Technology’s design process obtains purity levels in excess of 99.999997% in an atmosphere completely devoid of oxygen and other contaminants. HT quickly made an impact with the Harmonic Technology interconnects and Harmonic Tech speaker cables. Harmonic Tech digital cables and AC power cables also are held in highest regard..."

Many people rave about Harmonic Technology cables and their smooth but detailed sound. 

Construction and appearance
These have fabric-like outer jacket. Another rubber jacket is fitted between the cable and the RCA jacks. The jacks themselves are big and sturdy naturally gold plated with teflon dielectric and of a locking type. This is nice since fitting is very easy and once inserted they can be locked tight. The manual even states that fine tuning of the sound can be done by tightening the fit. Well, I haven’t experimented enough with that but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. A word of warning: the jacks are so big that they may not fit some equipment with the input RCAs too close. 
The sound
The midrange is completely relaxed and extremely natural. That is the best thing about the Precision Link cable, it is so sweetly natural Vocals sound absolutely alive, percussions are crisp and have this natural attack. In one word the mids liquidified The treble is smooth but not rolled-off. High pitched percussions, like high-hats and triangles are also extremely natural sounding.  The bass is also nice tight and well defined. Sounstaging and instrument separation are first rate. 
Harmonic Technology Precision Link is an amazing cable. Definitely the best I’ve ever owned. There aren’t any hocus-bocus pseudo science and exotic materials used here. Just very pure (99.9997% they say) very long crystal copper. It does its job simply and perfectly. All harshness is removed and the music is left to flow nice and sweet.