Elac Navis DSC-101W-G Wireless Transmitter

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Elac Discovery Connect is a Wireless connection to Navis Powered speakers

The Discovery Connect is a wireless transmitter for ELAC's high-performance Navis powered speakers. "This connects to your Wi-Fi and broadcasts wirelessly to the speakers," explained ELAC's lead designer Andrew Jones when he demonstrated the Discovery at our Charlottesville HQ. "So it doesn't have to be anywhere near your speakers."

ELAC created their own wireless protocol known as AirX to help eliminate the need for wired connections between their powered speakers. "[Usually] when you're on Wi-Fi, the only way to synchronize the left and right speaker is to run a cable between them," Mr. Jones said. "We don't have to do that."

Connections: Output 1 | Optical Output x 1 (Up to 96kHz 24-Bit) | Coaxial Output x 1 (192kHz 24-Bit) Connections: Output 2 | Optical Output x 1 (Up to 96kHz 24-Bit) | Coaxial Output x 1 (192kHz 24-Bit) Analog x 1 (L/R) | Other Connections: Ethernet, WiFi, AirX², Bluetooth End Point Support (Streaming Support): Discovery (Output 1 & 2), Roon Ready (Output 1 & 2), Spotify Connect (Output 2), AirPlay (Output 2), Bluetooth (Output 2) DAC (Digital to Analog Converter): 192kHz 24-Bit (Output 2) AirX² Resolution and Channel Support: 44.1kHz 16-Bit, 3 Channel Support App Support: iOS and Android Color: Black | Dimension