Elac DFR52 Speakers (pre-owned) (pair)

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Elac Debut Reference DFR52 is the perfect solution if your demand for audiophile sound is not negotiable. Using an outstanding driver and crossover components. Designed by Andrew Jones. 

The Elac Debut DFR52 sets a high standard, delivering performance in in elegant form factor.

In addition, the musicality has also been the subject of special attention to be, too, improved. The DFR52 loudspeaker is a bass-reflex, three-way loudspeaker. The structure is in MDF certified CARB2 (California Air Resource Board), that is to say that it meets the standards in force concerning its impact on air quality in an interior, thanks to its very low formaldehyde emissions. Two finish versions are available to date: a satin white front with a light wood cladding and a satin black front with dark wood veneer. The grid is held in place by magnets, which are easier to fix than with traditional fixings. On the front, the vent adopts a rectangular section and could almost go unnoticed: it allows to obtain better bass dynamics and lower noise. The construction of the cabinet is completely new and, unlike other versions of the Debut series, it is given the same priority as the speakers and filter. The cabinet has thicker panels and full interior bracing to reduce vibration and staining. The loudspeakers are improved with, in particular, for the tweeter, a new waveguide to avoid diffraction and a new grille which has more open holes. The Elac DFR52 enclosure accommodates three speakers (two bass and one for the midrange) which receive a new die-cast aluminum bowl to eliminate resonances due to the mass of the oversized love which flexes the chassis, while still reinforcing the safe. For the filter, the components remain the same, but the integration has been changed: 11 elements which improve the linearity of the frequency response and control the off-axis response. The dimensions of the DFR52 remain within the standards for a column speaker, which can thus easily integrate into your listening space. The musicality of the new Debut Reference lives up to its new name of "Reference". The integration of the speakers and the transfer between frequencies are smoother and more linear. The balance between all frequencies is more balanced. The bass tuning is excellent, especially in this price range. The highs are more extended than before the Debut 2.0 series, but not at all harsh, just more airy and delicate.


Enclosure Type: 3-Way Bass Reflex
Frequency Response: 42Hz – 35000Hz
Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
Sensitivity: 87db @ 2.83v/1m
Crossover Frequency: 90Hz/2200Hz
Max Power Input: 140 Watts
Tweeter: 1″ Cloth Dome
Midrange: 5.25 Inch Aramid Fiber
Woofer: 2 x 5.25 Inch Aramid Fiber
Cabinet: CARB2 Rated MDF
Ports: 3 x Dual Flared
Binding Posts: 5-Way Metal
Cabinet Finishes: White Baffle, Oak Cabinet or Black Baffle, Walnut Cabinet
Accessories Included: Magnetic fabric grill
Weight: 36.81 lbs Each
Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.28” x 39.99 x 9.52″

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