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Meet the Devialet Mania

A very ionic Devialet design revamped into a precious on-the-road look and feel, with a handle that ensures easy pick-up and a built-in battery providing up to 10 hours of wireless streaming. You can bring it from room to room - and when you leave your home, you can take it with you with confidence thanks to its IPX4 splash-resistant rating.

Equipped with a push-push architecture and not less than 4 full-range, Devialet Mania offers a 30-20,000Hz range, with deep bass that you can feel in your bones and crystal treble. Its dual-woofer push-push configuration, powered by SAM® technology, delivers the most accurate bass reproduction.

Thanks to its cross-stereo architecture (made of 2 x 2 full-range) and its real-time acoustic mapping technology (ASC - Active Stereo Calibration), an intelligent four-microphone array detects Mania's position and activates the most adapted rendering mode for immersive listening. ○ 360 stereos: when no wall is detected, Mania spreads cross-stereo sound in every direction and delivers a homogeneous audio scene. ○ Oriented stereo: when a wall is detected, Mania will deliver stereo sound from the front and rich sound enhancement at the back (the wall side)

Thanks to Mania's dual streaming capabilities, you have the choice between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When indoors, connect via Wi-Fi to use Spotify Connect and Airplay 2 (for Apple users). And when you take Devialet Mania outdoors, simply switch to Bluetooth 5.0.

Voice assistant capabilities let you control your Devialet Mania for a seamless experience anywhere in the house. When connected to Wi-Fi, simply beckon "Alexa" and enjoy the full ease of a voice-controlled speaker: listen to the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, or simply turn up the volume. 

Devialet sells a docking station for easy charging with the regular Mania (a special Paris Opéra edition comes with the docking station as standard)


"I took it onto the balcony and while gazing upon central London rooftop terraces and listening to The Streets (and subsequently Prince), I have to tell you that this thing makes even the best smart speakers and in particular, the best Alexa smart speakers sound woefully wanting (sorry, Amazon Echo, but I'm looking at you)"

read the review in Techradar


  • DRIVERS - 2 subwoofers and 4 full range 
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE -  30Hz - 20kHz
  • CONTROL 6 buttons integrated into the handle, Free DOS 2 Devialet App
  • 4 mics-array
  • Rated splash-resistant IPx4
  • Bluetooth 5.0 
  • Voice-assistant ready - Alexa built-in
  • USB-C Power Delivery fast charging technology


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