Devialet Companion Poweramp (pre-owned)

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Pre-owned in perfect condition with box 

Devialet 220PRO Companion Amplifier with Core Upgrade 2017

Significant Upgrade to 440 PRO by adding Companion Poweramp

Owners of the Devialet 220PRO can move their amplifier to the next level  by adding the Companion Poweramp - shown below with the 220PRO

1) Doubles the output power to 440 watts @ 6 ohms.
2) Lowers total and ID distortion by a factor of 4
3) Each amp now has truly independant DAC processing
3) Adds more inputs

Client Review: 

"Wasn't sure about the amount of difference this would make.  So, put on the Dire Straits live BVD (A recording I'm pretty familiar with).  I was expecting a minor difference but was taken somewhat aback when I started listening.  The sound stage was larger, with more height and depth.  The bass was significantly better in all aspects, with outstanding control of the woofers of the Dynaudio 360s.  The mid-range now had a clarity that I've not ever heard on this recording.  Vocals, drums, and guitars took on a presence that was almost life-like.  Low-level detail is unsurpassed with these amps.  Simply amazing." link Audiocircle


  • Dimensions:  Length: 383mm | Width: 383mm | Height: 40mm
  • Weight:  5.9Kg
  • Warranty one year

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