Devialet 140PRO

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Devialet 140PRO Integrated Amplifier

A powerful, low-profile amplifier with phono pre-amp and DAC

This sleek, low-profile amplifier generates an impressive 130 watts per channel with impressive specs, and some really smart user interface software that makes it a unique centerpiece for a top-notch two-channel setup.

Wireless Streaming

Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and Roon compatibility are all on the menu.  In effect, the Expert 140 Pro can now genuinely be considered an all-in one just-add-speakers system rather than just an amplifier.

Hybrid amplifier technology

Devialet combines Class A and Class D amplification technology for distortion-free performance at all power levels. Signal passes through a Class A voltage amplifier to keep distortion low, then on to a Class D current amplifier designed for high gain. 

Devialet's online configurator setup utility lets you dial in equalization and settings, including brand-specific crossover filters for your speakers.

Smart setup with the configurator

Devialet's online setup utility is called the configurator. It allows you to create system configurations, save them on the included SD card, and upload them to your machine. It's a fun interactive tool that lets you dial in cartridge loading for the phono preamp, custom crossover filters for specific speakers, and other vital settings.

0.00025% distortion at full power   130DB signal to noise ratio 



"overall excellence: It sounds immaculate—in the top tier of amplifiers I've heard"       

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Class A Recommended Amplifiers Stereophile

"remarkable sense of openness," combined with "impressive" bass weight and a pleasing freedom from editorializing: "It [was] honest, evenhanded, liquid, open."


"The Devialet Expert Pro 140 is truly without flaw in our opinion. If you love music, high quality sound reproduction and don’t want a massive rack full of gear to stare at, there’s no better choice. If you can believe it, the Expert Pro 140 sounds even better than it looks, is incredibly easy to set up and operate, and is virtually future proof.

Now that Devialet has been in the market place for nearly a decade, their reliability has proven to be world class, and this is another one of those special components that almost never shows up in the secondary marketplace. You’re going to have to head to a dealer and buy a new one folks!"


"I not only give the Expert Pro 140 an Exceptional Value Award, I give it my highest personal recommendation as well. Our industry needs more of this. Please"

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  • Stereo · 2x130Watts 6Ω
  • THD+N : 0,0005% (130W / 6Ω)
  • THD : 0,00025% (10W / 6Ω)
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio: 130dB
  • New ADH Intelligence®
  • USB Audio 2.0 asynchronous input/output
  • 4 Configurable RCAs including MM/MC phono stage
  • New Magic Wire® DAC
  • RF omnidirectionnel remote control
  • Length: 383mm | Width: 383mm | Height: 40mm
  • Warranty: 5years
  • Weight:  5.9Kg

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