Clearaudio Ovation Turntable with Tracer Tonearm

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Clearaudio Ovation Turntable with Tracer Tonearm

The Clearaudio Ovation contains all the design elements of precision turntables and adds super quiet magnetic levitation bearing.
The result is an incredible refined product. 

Made in Bavaria, Germany it is close to perfect, especially when it comes to price/performance and the materials used for production:

- The Tracer radial tonearm may look beautifully minimalistic, yet  beneath its sleek design you’ll find a wealth of workmanship and a raft of smart details.

Drawing on engineering tricks from the finest watchmakers, it features a high-precision, lowfriction jeweled bearing, judiciously crafted from tungsten and sapphire. The carbon tonearm tube is both extremely rigid and very lightweight, giving a perfect combination of stability and agility. 

- The Ovation's DC’s main composite chassis sandwiches a Panzerholz layer between two massive anodized aluminum plates that creates a immensely stiff constrained layer sandwich. Panzerholz is a dense, heavily processed wood that’s very strong (bullet proof, apparently) and an effective damping agent. Inside the Panzerholz you will find 100,000 tiny stainless steel balls that add mass and control vibration. The result is a foundation for the tonearm that is free of resonance, and preserves dynamics and transients.

Together these ingredients make for a well-behaved, strong, low-resonance platform for the rest of the components to work from.

- The powerful and smooth-running DC motor is mounted to the composite main chassis and is effectively decoupled for enhanced dynamic range. The motor and belt are hidden from view, protected from dust and UV. They drive a precision machined aluminum sub-platter coupled to a 40mm thick polyoxymethylene (POM) platter with weighted rim, supported by Clearaudio’s patented CMB.
- Clearaudio's patented Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB) is the result of long-term research and development.

Two opposing magnetic fields are perfectly aligned one on top of the other, thereby rejecting each other. The magnetic fields are completely shielded from the outside through the careful application of very sophisticated materials. A high precision ceramic vertical shaft fits perfectly into a bronze bearing. This perfect fit is essential and can only be achieved through the highest precision hand polishing.

High-performance synthetic oil is used for lubrication. The combination of these carefully selected components produces the effect of the turntable platter effectively floating on an air cushion, rather than on a ball bearing or bearing point.
The result of this technology? One of the lowest levels of friction in turntable bearing design, previously unreached rumble measurements and an unbeatable new standard in speed accuracy.

- A 40mm thick acrylic platter rests on this bearing; it doesn’t need a mat. Why? Because the physical characteristics of acrylic are close to vinyl – so resonances bouncing around inside the record find an easy path into the platter, where they are damped away.


"This terrific all-rounder brilliantly combines innovation and fine sound quality"

“It’s beautifully made, pleasing on the eye and a pleasure to use… able to compete with the very best at the price when it comes to sound quality.” 

read the review in What HiFi

'Turntable of the Year' 

“It is very well balanced, with excellent detail that emerges from silent backgrounds, exceptional pitch stability, and sweet extended highs…” – Editors’ Choice, The Absolute Sound USA 
... the Clearaudio Ovation is a serious turntable. It is resolving, musical, and beautifully built. Clearaudio's innovative use of materials and well-executed design make it a joy to use, to see, and to hear. Highly recommended.


What's included - We include expert set-up. The cartridge is not included, you may choose one from our cartridge selection, or bring your own.

The Ovation comes fitted with either the Clearaudio Tracer tonearm providing exceptional value or we offer the turntable w/o tonearm and interchangeable arm boards accommodate a variety of other 9-inch tonearms including the AMG 9WT, SME, and Triplanar.

Construction details Resonance optimized chassis with internal damping, belt-driven with user-adjustable speed control, dynamically balanced 40mm / 1.5-inch POM platter
Bearing CMB (ceramic magnetic bearing)
Platter CNC-machined POM (polyoxymethylene), 40 mm thickness
Motor Decoupled DC motor with low-noise bearings
Speed ranges 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, convenient electronic controls
Speed accuracy Less than +- 0.03 %
Weight 32 lbs with tonearm
Dimensions Approx. 16.54 x 13.78 x 5.31 (without tonearm)
Warranty 2 years (5 years*)
* Provided the warranty card is fully completed and returned to Clearaudio within 2 weeks of purchase.


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