Clearaudio DaVincy V2 Moving Coil Cartridge

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Meet Da Vincy V2

Time to get serious. With a total weight of only seven grams, a Micro HD stylus, rigid boron cantilever and 90-decibel dynamic range, the MC da Vinci V2 provides all that is required to open up new horizons of sound dynamics and tonal homogeneity.


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"What does the Da Vinci V2 deliver over and above lesser cartridges? That’s where things get really interesting. Let’s take Lyra’s Dorian as a benchmark. Playing the Leonard Cohen album, Live In Fredericton (Columbia 88691 – 96115 7) the Dorian delivers exactly what I’ve come to expect over the years: good separation (spatially and tonally), quick, unconstrained dynamics and a natural sense of communication – it’s all there, you can dig into it as far as you like. But swapping to the Clearaudio moves you to a whole different place"

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  • TOTAL MASS                       7.0g
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE   20Hz - 100kHz
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE (AT 5CM/SEC)        0.6mV
  • CHANNEL BALANCE         < 0.5dB
  • TRACKING ABILITY           80μm
  • CANTILEVER / STYLUS SHAPE  Boron / Gyger S double polished
  • COMPLIANCE                       15μ/mN
  • COIL ASSEMBLY                 Absolutely symmetrical design
  • COIL MATERIAL                 24 carat gold
  • CARTRIDGE BODY             Aluminium with 30 micron ceramic coating
  • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY*         2 years*
  • * Provided the warranty card is fully completed and returned to Clearaudio within 2 weeks of purchase.

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