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Audiofi ST5 Aula Stereo System

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Our pick of the best hi-fi system on this page is done on price, form, and unique appeal.

You see yourself as discerning, wanting to hear clear vocals and undistorted dynamics through the audio bandwidth. You want compact speakers that suit a minimalist interior, yet sound larger than they look. Your music is streamed from an iPad or mobile device, and you look beyond a soundbar and insist on decent sound from your TV.  

The Cambridge CXA81 amplifier is the foundation of this system. It is recognized for good sound by winning the Best amplifier Award. It is versatile, with lots of inputs to allow you to grow your system.

The speakers are Monitor Audio Silver 50. Speakers are important. Monitor Audio builds these high-quality compact speakers from components higher up in their range to offer very exacting sound quality. Go closer and you will marvel at the fit and finish - a finish so good it falls in the category of high-end furniture.

Audiofi is your dealer for the best Stereo System combinations, we ship free in Canada.