Audiofi-ST3.5 The Blusound Streaming System

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The Bluesound Streaming System

Bluesound PowerNode 2i Amplifier and Elac DBP5 Speakers

An elegant combination of compact amplifier and speakers - the perfect Hi-Fi when sound quality and ease of use is important

BluOS makes the Bluesound Streaming Amplifier something special. Part of a growing ecosystem of compatible products, BluOS tightly integrates hardware and software for unbeatable user experience, featuring over 15 free and paid subscription services and compatibility with locally-stored music libraries. It also supports the new standard for high resolution streaming, Master Quality Authenticated (MQA). 

Additional powerful features include HDMI eARC, and Apple AirPlay 2 Integration.

Elac Debut P5 is one of our favorite speakers. Whether on a tabletop, bookshelf, or a variety of stands or platforms, they will engulf you in an immersive and spectacular acoustical envelope with huge musical dimensionality and extension.