Audiofi-ST3 The Vogue Streaming System

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The Vogue Streaming System

BluOS makes the Bluesound Streaming Amplifier something special. Part of a growing ecosystem of compatible products, BluOS tightly integrates hardware and software for unbeatable user experience, featuring over 15 free and paid subscription services and compatibility with locally-stored music libraries. It also supports the new standard for high resolution streaming, Master Quality Authenticated (MQA). 

Additional powerful features include HDMI eARC, and Apple AirPlay 2 Integration.

Monitor Audio Silver 50 monitors are one of our favorite speakers in the company's lineup. Whether on a tabletop, bookshelf, or a variety of stands or platforms, they will engulf you in an immersive and spectacular acoustical envelope with huge musical dimensionality and extension. 

The Monitor Audio Silver 50 brings enormous imaging, phase coherence, and remarkable bass response with amplifier friendly compatibility and prodigious power handling.