Used, Trade-ins and Clearance

You know how it is, you do your research and read plenty of reviews, but the amplifier or pair of speakers you really want are priced just out of reach. There’s a way around that problem and that’s to look at our Pre-owned and Clearance items. 

How affordable? Typically, you'll find at least a 15 per cent drop in the price of a product that’s just one year old and around 50 per cent on something that’s closer to three years old. After that, the price is determined as much by condition as age.   

Of all the various components that make up a hi-fi system, speakers are probably the most sturdy and can give decades worth of use provided they haven’t been abused. And if they do go wrong, they’re usually relatively easy to repair. All told, second-hand and vintage hi-fi speakers can be a great option

We provide a one month guarantee and either an exchange or refund on all items.


Marantz SR-7012 Surround Receiver (pre-owned)  more info

Accuphase E550 Integrated Amp (pre-owned)  more info

Yamaha RX-A2020 Receiver (pre-owned)   more info


CD Players

 Accuphase DP78 CD/SACD Player (pre-owned) More info



Paradigm Monitor SE6000F Speakers (pre-owned)  more info

AAD-7001 Monitor Speakers (pre-owned)  more info

Monitor Audio silver 300 6G (pre-owned) pair  more info

Magneplanar MG1c Speakers  more info 

Golden Ear Triton 2+ Speakers (pre-owned) pair   more info

 Paradigm MilleniaOne 1.0 Mini Speakers  more info

Monitor Audio Silver 50 Bookshelf (Open Box)   more info

Episode ES-700  In-wall speaker (Pre-owned)  more info

Speakercraft CRS-6.2 In-ceiling speaker (Pre-owned) more info


Surround and Center Speakers 

Polk CSi A6 Center Speaker (pre-owned) more info

Klipsch RP140S dolby-atmos-height-speakers (pre-owned) more info


JL Audio Fathom F110 (pre-owned) more info

Turntable Accessories

Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 pre-amp (pre-ownded)   more info

 Rega RB-370 tonearm (pre-owned)   more info 


Audiofi also does trade-ins, and we sell used, demo, clearance, Hi-Fi and Stereo Audio Equipment. We are based in Vancouver and we ship to you, anywhere in Canada.