Q Acoustics Tensegrity stands (Q Concept 300)

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Tensegrity Stand & Isolation Base System 

A speaker’s relationship with its stand is of fundamental importance. It’s the design of the new Tensegrity stand and the new isolation base suspension system that joins the speaker to it that allows Q Acoustics to redefine the level of performance that’s possible from a smaller loudspeaker.

Tensegrity is a tripod - by definition, an extremely stable structure. It’s built from lightweight aluminum tubes (which are the load-bearing element) and thin stainless steel cables (which maintain the position of the load-bearing tubes). The result is a light, exceptionally rigid, and self-supporting structure with a remarkably low surface area and - let’s not pretend otherwise - beautifully elegant appearance. It’s not so much a speaker stand, it’s more an entirely new loudspeaker support concept.

The world’s best speaker stands

Now available for use with many more speaker brands. Since its founding in 2006, Q Acoustics has built an unrivalled reputation for designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative, high-performance and class-leading loudspeakers and matching speaker stands. Sometimes you need to make a stand to exceed all expectations.

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