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Quadraspire Q4 EVO Light Oak

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Quadraspire EVO Rack

  • Solid Aluminum pillars 
  • Real wood veneer
  • Resonance absorbing shelves have precise grooves cut in the bottom face to reduce resonance
  • Pillar lengths are 7"
  • Pillar colors are silver 
  • Feet are spiked, floor protectors are optional


"The difference was instantly apparent, with the EVO shelved gear taking on a more open and focused presentation.  It was enough of an obvious difference that can be easily heard even with a modestly priced system.  While my current use for the Q4 EVO is a $60,000  dCS Paganini stack, I noticed a substantial jump in image focus with my Naim Uniti and Rega P3-24 turntable on the EVO rack, compared to one of my DIY racks that pays no attention to vibration control" Tone Publications

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