Q Acoustics 5040 (pair) (open box)

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Q Acoustics 5040 in Santos Rosewood

Designed by a young group of brilliant British designers to offer sound quality way beyond its size or price group. It is a notably compact floorstander with a modest footprint - which means it’s ideal for those environments where space is at a premium but the desire for full-scale audio excitement (as well a visual gratification) is strong. 

How to make the speakers dissappear, how to bring out the finest details in the Soundstage - here are the design improvements we have worked on: 

Improved Mid/bass driver design = speed and bass articulation

At the heart of the ground-up mid/bass driver design is the C3 Continuous Curved Cone™. The cone’s geometry requires good motor strength for optimal performance. Substantial magnets are coupled to large voice coils to increase motor strength - the result is a 50% increase in power handling and control over a comparable driver with 25.4 mm voice coil. The result is an improvement in the dynamic range of the speaker, especially in the bass region.

New High-frequency driver design = more delicacy and detail

Based on the tweeter design principle found in the newest Concept series, the high frequency driver unit is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated (floating) from the baffle to prevent internal pressure modulations from within the cabinet and adjacent mid/bass driver. The inner chamber is also carefully vented for lower distortion, with a lower crossover point for seamless integration through the crossover region.

C3 Continuous Curved Cone™

A genuine advancement in elements of mid/bass driver design, the C3 Continuous Curved Cone™ profile is the result of extensive research and expert engineering to combine the bass performance benefits of a traditional straight conic cone with the high/mid-range frequency control of a flared cone.

By creating a single, smooth, continuous curve profile, the advantages are clear. Its excellent dispersion, alongside its well-controlled frequency response and reduced harmonic distortion, enables smoother integration with the tweeter. Deep bass dynamics are also superior, with this and tighter, damped low-end sound allowing more flexibility in in placement of speakers near the wall boundaries of the listening room.

P2P™ (Point to Point) bracing = the secret of dissappearing speakers

Q Acoustics P2P™ (Point to Point) bracing used throughout the 5000 series supports the parts of the enclosure that need to be stiffened making the new enclosures exceptionally rigid, improving the focus of the stereo image and giving the soundstage more accuracy than ever before. 

HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) = less boominess

HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) technology designed to convert pressure to velocity and reduce the overall pressure gradient within the speaker enclosure, has been applied to the 5050 floorstanding speakers only to reduce cabinet resonance. This technology is perfect for taller loudspeakers that tend to resonate at a single favoured frequency.


Q Acoustics 5040 has a huge win; What HiFi Awards winner "Best Floorstanding Speaker" 

"The Q Acoustics 5040 are even-handed performers that simply step out of the way of the music and let it shine. When partnered with care they deliver a wonderfully expressive and insightful performance that’s class-leading at this level. So, is this speaker good enough to establish Q Acoustics as a force at more premium price points? Judged on ability we certainly hope so"

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Stereophile's John Atkinson recommends Q Acoustics 5040

"Q Acoustics's 5040 offers superb sound quality. It combines sufficient low-frequency extension and articulation with excellent clarity and imaging and low coloration. As the 5040 won't play deafeningly loudly, it will work best in smallish to medium-sized rooms, and amplifier choice will be critical in getting the best from this speaker. Highly recommended."

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Q Acoustics is the most acclaimed brand right now


  • Bass unit  2 x 125 mm (5.0 in)
  • Treble unit  1 x 25 mm (1.0 in)
  • Frequency response(-6dB)  39 Hz - 30 kHz
  • Nominal impedance  6 Ω
  • Minimum impedance 3.0 Ω
  • Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1kHz)  91.5 dB/w/m
  • Recommended amplifier power  25-150 W
  • Crossover frequency  2.5 kHz
  • Effective volume  27 L
  • Dimensions (per loudspeaker / HxWxD) Inc spikes and stabilizer: 967 x 361 x 293 mm (38.1 x 14.2 x 11.5 in)
  • Weight (per loudspeaker)18.0 kg (39.7 lbs)

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