Shunyata Venom Speaker Cable 2.5M (demo)

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Shunyata Venom Speaker Cable 

Banana plugs both ends

Award winning cable at 50% off, demo, like new 

"Designed to punch well above their price points, the Venom cables and interconnects use a proprietary hollow-core conductor that Shunyata calls VTX. According to Shunyata, VTX is a type of wire geometry that approximates a virtual tube, containing small, microfine wires that form a hollow core wherein the signal travels over the wires’ surfaces in a more linear path to eliminate skin effects and random eddy currents. This hollow-core VTX design is fabricated from highest-purity copper and, according to Shunyata, only two factories in the world (both in Japan) are licensed to make that conductor’s OCC copper. Rather than relying on off-the-shelf connectors, Shunyata also has them custom-made" 

"crisp, clean-sounding percussion, full of the lively snap and energy that define ska. Palpable images of sax, trumpet, and vocals emerged sounding very natural and wonderful."

"Strings sounded gorgeous, conveyed with a silky smoothness, a sense of ease, and a natural sweetness. Woodwinds, especially oboe, were also quite realistic"

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